I Hate My Inlaws!

Seriously, SIL

Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2020 at 05:50 am

I am so utterly exhausted just watching you do your dance and fake your perfect little life all these years.

SIL, your husband resents your pretentious tush. No matter what he provides, you want more, more, MORE! Veruca Salt.

Your son is too scared to be himself from watching you grind his father's masculinity into dust. He's a brilliantly intelligent boy, full of potential but not a scrap of confidence to put it to use.

Your daughter is something else. Fake as plastic nails, just like Mommy. I'm sure you see it and pretend you don't, I think you're nasty and manipulative but I don't think you're quite so deluded that you don't recognise what and who she is becoming. She watches you subtly bully women with exclusion, judgement, gossip and all the other hallmarks of well executed 'mean girl' behaviour while hiding behind that big, fake smile. We all know where and how kids learn to relate to other people.

Nasty little creature, that one, loves to play sweet, but turns sour once the attention is moved to anyone else, for any reason or length of time. You think it's a coincidence that things just seem to 'go wrong' as soon as adults aren't looking? How come so many different kids point the finger at her when someone gets hurt and she just 'happens' to (always!) be around? And isn't it funny how she's never actually the one with an injury, how many times can you 'accidentally' hurt another child?

I'll be keeping my kids away from your manipulative, sadistic, selfish, evil spawn, a pretty little face can sometimes hide an ugly beast, and believe me SIL, I see the beast you've created. And the one within you.

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