I Hate My Inlaws!

Bitch sister in law x 2

Posted on Fri, Feb. 21, 2020 at 06:15 pm

My husband has two married brothers. Both of their wives are absolute nasty coniving bitches. What bad luck that two of the most horrible nasty women imaginable end up being my SIL. Older one comes from a dirt poor shack, totally uneducated and now lives the life of riley having inherited EVERYTHING from my dumb arse MIL (who favoured one son and his kids over all others in the “family”). SIL no. 1 is greedy, materialistic, dishonest, a liar, plays games and butt ugly with a face full of craters but thinks she’s so hot. Nasty piece of work. Oh and by the way, she stinks of BO (that nastiness inside her needs to find its way out somehow). Second SIL, absolute nasty argumentative judgmental bitch, horrible vile woman who thinks she knows everything and is always right. Like SIL no. 1, she is a liar and cannot be trusted. She has a major superiority complex that has no basis as she has no redeeming qualities at all. What makes her even more vile is her fat short stubby arse body and ugly face that looks like a dogs dinner. Nasty nasty vile woman. Both of them, ugly on the inside and out. And I have been dealing with these shit faced bitches for 20 years and my useless pathetic husband just buries his head in the sand everytime there is an issue with them and their nasty behaviour, words and attitudes. Thanks dear husband...for all the loyalty and support you have shown me over the years. You have lost me but at least you will always have THEM.

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