I Hate My Inlaws!

haha - Sis Got Dumped AGAIN!

Posted on Sat, Mar. 14, 2020 at 04:26 am

My sister married this arrogant, controlling guy, and together they presented themselves as Camelot reborn. They had the perfect marriage, perfect kids, were perfect catholics...and on and on...

One day I saw my BIL leering at this guy, and got this suspicion. I got my wife to plant a seed of doubt into my dimwit sister's head about monitoring the internet like any good wife would do. As it turns out, he was a gay porn addict pretending to be straight, the good catholic and husband - ahhhahahahaha!

They divorced, and since then have both had a string of failed relationships. He still pretends to like girls, and they all eventually find out.

My sister goes through men like candy where everything begins with great flair and passion only for the poor guy to smarten up and dump her eventually.

He latest "catch" was a divorced man - super nice guy but rich and successful. I really respected this guy, but as things progressed, my sister got more controlling, demanding and needy. Then she spied on his internet just to make sure he was actually straight...haha

And he DUMPED HER -ahhhahahahaha

I just delight in the failure of others who sat in judgement of me. It's been years and neither can find love. BIL still dated girls who sneaking off with gay men, and my sister is such a psycho that men run once the truth is revealed.

And my wife and I are just laughing, loving and living well. I hope they both get coronavirus - that would be fun to behold!

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