I Hate My Inlaws!

Dear former son In law

Posted on Thu, Mar. 26, 2020 at 12:12 am

She joined a online dating service and is seeking a long term relationship with a man who are in the same work field as herself.

One is a ------- speciality in her field. The other one she has been messaging that she is interested in is a ---- speciality in her field. I think the 2nd one would fit in with our family better. He has more in common with her and her adult brothers. He has the same cultural background as us as well.

She has a first date since leaving you lined up for this Sunday with the "first one,"

The "2nd one" hasn't asked her out yet. She is getting to know him through messaging as well at this point.

I learned that ache in my heart from you leaving our lives is just my new normal.

Now, I may shed a tear (or just feel like I could when I see or think of something that reminds me of you and the future we though we had with you.

Lately, former son in law, I force myself to stay busy and push through worrying about my daughter in the dating world.

I know you may not mean to but you have the power to emotionally hurt me again. I really thought we got along well. I treated you very well. I had high hopes for daughter and hoped for you both to have a long future together.

Once upon a time, you and she seemed happy. Then, it all became a bad dream that kept getting worse.

I want you to have all the best in life and to be healthy and happy.

I know that your family business is shut down due the c virus laws right now, I don't know if you opted to stay there or come back here to visit your parents.

If so, maybe I will run into you. It is unlikely. It could happen. I don't know if I want it to happen or not.

I have to admit having you live two hours from us helps make this situation better.

I can tell myself that you moved away and I am opting to remember you fondly and let the negative stuff that happened go. It normally gives me some closure.

We planted flower seeds yesterday and working on getting the flower beds and garden area area.

Odd, that means we survived Thanksgiving, Xmas, New Years Eve, and winter in general without you in our lives.

Spring is here now. Time marches on even if your life is forever altered.

We are emotionally hurting and look forward to our hearts healing more. It will take time though.

I know the bad traits that you demonstrated are part of you the entire package. They just aren't acceptable for the person who is in a relationship with our daughter.

As one wise person once said, "When people show you their true colors, believe them."

It is just going to take time to fully process all that happened. I am not going to ask you why you are the way you are because it just is the way it is.

I just want to let you know that you are in my thoughts.


"Other" Mom

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