I Hate My Inlaws!

Almost 50 and knocked up again SIL ...

Posted on Sat, May. 16, 2020 at 01:41 pm

Dear Evil SIL, about 4-5 years ago my DH was quite eerily on perfect target on what he told me you'd do after all of your children were all finally 18 or older.

It's quite funny actually when I think about his words, because my DH was on target at seeing right through you along with predicting you're next move to seek attention from anyone and everyone.

He, a few years ago, predicted that as soon as your youngest and also abused by you child turned 18 and disowned you just like your two eldest did, that YOU WOULD find some stupid one night stand guy to knock you up....like it wasn't bad enough that your eldest 3 have different dads and each don't know who their actual dad is because you yourself don't know. Repeating history again with this one now to sadly huh?

I feel sadness for this attention getting (cuz you're living and lapping it up) replacement baby you have inside of you because, just like their 3 older and now adult siblings, this kid will also grow to feel like he/she failed you from birth when in reality it is YOU SIL who failed them.

This child will also, same as the eldest, think that "he/she is at fault and responsible for your life's misfortunes and bad choices because there's no way you are to be the one in blame and at fault."

People like you SIL create a traumatized generation. It's quite frankly sad that yet another innocent soul is about to be crushed by you. With any luck, a good person will come along to intervene somewhere down this child's journey and is able and willing to show real love to this child.

Because god knows you can't. Proof is in your eldest 3 who won't even speak your name.

Thank goodness your brother, my husband, tossed you to try wind indefinitely decades ago.

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