I Hate My Inlaws!

In Laws are Horrible

Posted on Mon, May. 18, 2020 at 07:39 am

It started with a decision for my thirteen year olds request to not invite anyone to her music recital. I posted a picture of her on social media afterwards.The attacks and bad behavior started. Not only that FIL had already attacked my 13 old about us not getting his wife anything for her birthday. When they were out of the state during that time and we were not even aware of their return plans. My 13 year old never wanted to go back there anymore after this . FIL attacked her and we as her parents agreed she did not have to go back.
Then next holiday was Father’s Day. Our loopy MIL who has never had children of her own. She makes rediculous plans for an all day adventure. Father’s Day is not only for my FIL but also for my husband and my father. We did not go. Not to mention she invites people along on this adventure who aren’t even family.
But now with them stepping on our toes about their plans and how my husband should honor thy father and be at all these functions with their friends and so on.
We don’t want to be at functions with large groups. This request has turned into hate spewing .
Christmas they took a picture of everyone there EXcept me and posted it on social media.
SIL, post things like if you need to make a marriage decision do what’s best for the kids.
Mutual friends or aquantices have come up to me randomly and asked questions regarding our relationships. We have not openly discussed our relationships but with two people. They are on a smear campaign for me. They haven’t even seen my bad side yet if they think they have they haven’t seen nothing. I’m tired of all the BS. My kids are the one who have been hurt by all the childish behavior. I guess they thought they would bully my husband into leaving me and the kids.
I will not be treated like I’m a bad wife/mom. I have worked hard to get to where I am and I believe I am resented for it.
The man has not called his son in over 4 months to say how are you? No, he’s waiting for my husband his son to bow down to him.
I am over all this childish BS.

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