I Hate My Inlaws!

In-laws from hell

Posted on Tue, May. 19, 2020 at 05:20 pm

Mil has never, ever liked me. Many years spent trying to gain her approval. A year ago, I gave up.
She plays favorites with grandchildren. Only one of my kids is her favorite. She helped cause this one to have an eating disorder by frequent fat shaming when she ate with us. Other in-laws gave alcohol to my oldest. Undermined my husband and I as parents. We are the only ones who went to church. They undermined that as well. But let us take their kids all the time.
She is super critical of me on Facebook every time I post something she doesn’t agree with.
Recently, I got her trash bags from Walmart. She got mad because she wanted trash bags from dollar general. She was really upset because they cost more. I told her not to worry about the money. That made her madder. Finally I said if it will make you feel better just pay me what the dollar general bags would have cost. She gave me 3$. Still no thankyou. Recently had a family gathering. All they do is insult each other, drink, they used to insult my oldest all the time. Made him feel very inadequate. One cousin was physically abusive to him on more than one occasion. I stopped having birthday parties for my kids because my in-laws wouldn’t come to my nieces parties whom my husband and I have custody of. Only my birth children. We only had parties for our immediate family. My mother in law would get them a gift but no one else. Just so fed up and frustrated. My kids struggle with depression and anxiety and my oldest drinks too much. I feel my in-laws are partly to blame. My family is no better.FRUSTRATED!

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