I Hate My Inlaws!

Anniversary..no. 60

Posted on Wed, May. 20, 2020 at 03:13 am

They celebrate their 60th anniversary..are you kiddin' me..with whom? 4 adult kids, no grandkids..nothing ..and why..because queen bee mil thinks her kids have to serve her emotional needs..well now they are old..those “kids“ and ailing, too. Ok..i get it, mil/fil go to church and boy that is a free pass for every emotional idiocracy to justify?
I am so angry. Their youngest offspring..my dh..doesn't touch me since years and i assume he is scared to just be an adult and make us a baby(probably because he knows quite well that his siblings are mental and is scared that baby could inherit their stupidity..which btw is learned stupidity..nothibg else). But how could i be pissed..there way of idiotic living is normal. Besides the fact that i love my husband so very much i have the distinct feeling, that if i ever wanna get touched in a serious adult way..daily and it's on him now(means he being all man) i have to leave him because he is scared..meh..bs. Since i met those idiots i get more depressed every day.Not good for dh because he is one of the finest human beings under the sun. And i am probably denying to see the truth..dh does not love nor want me as a woman in his life anymore.
All well and fine, he is still a good person. But to be honest..i am lonely and the very thought that this goes on for the next years is nothing i want.
Oh yeah one more thing..dh loves to tell me that i wish his family(exactly dh..you and your useless sibs don't have their own)would die..uhm no, i don't..that thought was nice years ago to prevent further damage but at this point in time they may live forever.
Goddammit dh..how could he be so spineless towards those failures. Dh..the only one who is knowledgeable and has a decent character.
I wish i've never met those idiots and dh would be an orphan.

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