I Hate My Inlaws!

Druggie UIL

Posted on Fri, Jun. 19, 2020 at 03:55 am

every day I hear you grumbling and moaning about your aches and pains aka withdrawals. Everything is so hard for you because you have “back problems” your not “able bodied” so you can’t be bothered to help with ANYTHING and then all of the sudden your building yourself a new partition for the roof, lifting heavy gear and platforms by yourself.

You have cameras all over the house for “safety” aka because your drug induced paranoia and life of petty crimes, and yet you only use them to watch everything I do when I’m visiting and criticize it.

People only listen to you and your nonsensical bs because they pity your pathetic existence and don’t want to make you feel bad. When I try and defend myself they say “don’t mind him he’s like a child” ok then he is a spoiled misbehaving child ignoring him and not holding him accountable will make him worse hello?!!!

I can’t stand seeing you or hearing your voice it’s like listening to a drunk hobo who lives on the beach.

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