I Hate My Inlaws!

In-laws trying to force a divorce

Posted on Sat, Jun. 20, 2020 at 07:09 pm

Hubs and I have had our problems and nearly split up this past year but counseling has been helping a lot. The major issue was he was feeling ignored because of my working on my degree along with FT work and he was getting heavy into watching porn and other online communications which I took extreme issue with.
When we started to separate his family started with the reaction of "oh how terrible!" but since we started to reconcile they started bad-mouthing me. His sister has gone as far as to try to put it in his head that I was screwing around behind his back. (I had no time for anything with my husband, myself, or anyone else!) His family was always nice to me before (though I did sense quite a bit of phoniness at times) but now they use every opportunity to tell my husband that I am not worthy of him and his family and he needs to get his priorities straight. They act so self-important when they threaten to have him removed from their will (which they have done before when both he and his sister have dated people they did not approve of) as if they are so elite (actually my family has more than they ever will but does not act like it).
They try to act like they are the perfect family and
say I am ruining their perfection.
Much of the information I have gotten on what they have said about me has been either through conversations with my husband or emails and texts from them on his phone when he left it unattended (yes I know that is a privacy thing but as we are still working on some trust issues about his computer habits we have talked about these things and I did tell him he can look at whatever he wants on my phone/computer because I have nothing to hide so fair is fair).
The major players against me are MIL and SIL as FIL like most men tries to stay away from drama. But these two women are driving me absolutely crazy. MIL sent Hubs B-day card to the PO Box he had while we were working on a separation but he has since closed out and he told her he closed it out. Then she gets upset when it did not get to him in time and kept hounding him about "whether anyone else could have taken it" meaning me. I asked why she didn't send it to our house since she knows he is living at home again. MIL and SIL have said he should reopen his PO Box so at least they can send things there to him and he should have it at the ready "just in case."
REALLY!!! It was such a terrible thing when we were going through problems but now that we have been working to patch things up he (meaning they) would be better off if we do get a divorce! Personally I think MIL and SIL do not want to face me if I call them out on their BS attitude of calling me a slut behind my back but being nice to my face originally (I do not play well with phony people).
My Hubs has already said that he is standing by me as he loves me. He is getting annoyed by them and their attitude and does not speak to them as often as he used to.
I have said that I will not keep him from his family but I want absolutely no contact with any of them as they will not like what I have to say. Thankfully his parents and his sister live in different states so I do not have to deal with them directly. It will most likely mean that I might not get to spend holidays with my husband as we originally agreed to split holidays between his family and mine (who also live out of state).
I kept things quiet about the separation with my family (other than my mom and son) since they live out of state so we were reconciling before they could find out anything. My mom and son have stood by me and my choices to reconcile and have welcomed my Hubs back after a serious talk about how his actions hurt me. His family has not only placed all the blame on me but brought up anything they felt was wrong about me from the start about why he was better off without me.
I do not hate a lot of people (dislike maybe, annoyed by, whatever) but I REALLY hate my in-laws for the BS they continue to serve up any chance they get. I hope they all get hemorrhoids for being such a pain in my a**!

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