I Hate My Inlaws!

The terrible no good MIL

Posted on Sun, Jun. 21, 2020 at 12:30 am

Dear MIL, I hate you. I cannot stand you in the slightest. I would rather have to hit my face with a hammer every week than to exist in the same world as you. I deal with you and your family because my wife will not cut you out and realize the hypocrisies that you call your life. You say you feel bad you couldn’t do more for our wedding to help? Why’d you gamble so much? Doesn’t make sense. You say you wish you could do more to help us, then why do I see you helping your other kids so much. The other kids have amounted to nothing yet you act as though they are the greatest people to walk the earth. My wife is an after thought and she has accomplished more than any of the others combined will ever dream of! Her feces have more promise of success than the others. You call yourself smart because you have like five degrees yet I’ve never met a dumber waste of a person in my life. You say you care and want what’s best for us and to help, yet all you do is waste your time and energy on being utterly useless. We’ve been at your house in the evening for 8 hours and at the end you say you barely got to see us, neglecting the fact that you were in bed for 7 of those, awake! Not even your own husband defended you there. I am terrified that when I have kids that you will have an impact on them, I do not look forward to having to deal with your intrusive behavior. I do not welcome it in my household. My wife defends you because your her family but I don’t care, maybe it’s because aside from two brothers and two parents I’ve lost all of mine that I would not mourn the loss of you from my life. I wish she had the courage to stand up to you to right your wrongs and be better because deep down I think we could actually get along. But I’ve been ordered not to intervene. Unless something changes I wish nothing for you, nothing good nor bad, but one day I hope something does change for the better because if not I fear it will be I who can no longer hold it back and will unleash years of anger at you, and you will be too stupid to understand it because we’ve always lied to you to try to safe face about your atrocities in hopes of you growing into a better person. Who are we kidding, you’re the person who sets a dinner date with their kid, skips it, and has the audacity to ask if she’s upset while I’ve been consoling her for the past 3 hours. Bless her heart she didn’t want to upset you and said no that she misunderstood and made it through the holidays gracefully because that’s what she does. She knew she wanted to be better than the pathetic excuse of a person that you are and she chose to be better.

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