I Hate My Inlaws!

All of these people have mental problems

Posted on Sun, Jun. 21, 2020 at 04:33 am

So I’ve lived with my now husband In my in-laws for 7 years now. We have a 14 month old daughter so she’s half Asian From her father and 25%Latina and 25% Asian that I am.

I take care of my husband’s grandmother as her caregiver within the home. I don’t blame her for her crankiness due to memory loss but she knows I’m an “outsider Mexican (I am not Mexican)” and she yells at me for being in the kitchen (apparently eating everyone’s food when no one is even home to eat nor do they eat) gives me dirty looks and thinks I am the only thing she can control in the house. She gives the dog fresh baked duck (The whole duck) before I am allowed to eat.

My mother-in-law is crazy too. She is so generous that she throws my husband under the bus anyway, anyhow. On Mother’s Day, my husband was asking the kids to clean up their mess they made with food dye and water balloons and his uncle(my mother-in-law’s brother) comes and says “Hey! Stop yelling at them.” He was drunk and my husband said, “Hey you’re drunk; I’m tired. Go back to the garage” his uncle didn’t like that he was being told what to do by his nephew so he threw my husband against the wall and started punching him and smashing his head on the floor. My Mother-in-law screams my husband’s name to calm down as her brother scrambled to get off of him. “I get my head smashed on the floor and it’s my fault huh!?” my husband replied. My father-in-law comes in to yell at me now saying I have to control my husband and that we live like kings because we live in his house and we don’t even respect him. Which then caused the uncle to punch my husband again and he slammed his head on the corner of a wine refrigerator. The rest of the night was everyone in the garage complaining about my husband’s “bad attitude.” Nothing happened or was said to the uncle.

The uncle calls my daughter fat and says she’s going to be fat when she’s older because she’s Mexican. He called her development slow because she wasn’t walking at 9 months. His son was born 4 months before her and he started walking at 13 months. My daughter is 14 months and is walking now and she talks, while her “uncle” at 18 months does not talk clear words like she does. She clearly says Hi/ hello/ hola/ hey! And they say she’s making baby sounds and she waves and they look away from her and don’t talk to her directly. They are trying to hinder her development so she doesn’t grow faster than the other babies.

My sister-in-law is psycho. She hates my husband because they had a sibling rivalry. She threw my daughter into her little sister’s arms out of anger because he asked her to bury the hatchet for the sake of the kids (her son is 3 years old) while my daughter was only 7 months at the time. We haven’t seen him until this month. She is mad at my mother-in-law for loving my daughter. She doesn’t want my daughter to be loved at all because she is spawn of her brother. She tells the narrative that she isn’t developing fast even though her son just started talking now. He’s 3 and he asks short questions. He would only say ba-ba-ba at 2 years old. Like nothing else. And because my mother-in-law is surprised that my daughter talks, my sister-in-law hates it and doesn’t look at my daughter and only talks about her not to her. She wants to hinder her development.

Since my mother-in-law knows that everything coming from my husband is bad, she supports everyone and mitigates that their feelings come first. She feeds my daughter every kind of treat even when we tell her No every time we catch her holding her. She wants to ensure that she gets fat so everyone is right. Everyone says that I am dirty and that my daughter is dirty. I clean the house that 8 people live in by myself. But my father-in-law drinks and has karaoke parties in his garage every day so with childcare and housekeeping I can’t get to the garage. With all that partying and food, rats got into the garage. My mother-in-law would take the baby into the garage because her and her husband can’t talk to each other. She uses the baby as a way to relieve the awkwardness and show her husband that she works so hard. When my daughter turned a year old, I noticed a stye on her eye. I caught my daughter crawling on the garage floor too. So my mother-in-law thought it was ok to let my daughter crawl on a dirty floor where the rats crawl and she didn’t wash her hands knowing my daughter puts her hands in her mouth and rubs her eyes if she’s sleepy. I take my daughter every time my mother-in-law goes in the garage now.

Last my younger sister-in-law. I manage my in-laws credit cards to make payments online and save their statements. The uncle and younger sister tell everyone that we use the credit cards to buy stuff and buy food for ourselves. This is totally not true since no one in this house eats the food that my mother-in-law cooks for all those karaoke parties going on every single day. New food everyday to feed 20 people going to waste and my husband and I have to eat it all or else we are wasting. The grandma doesn’t eat because she wants to be fed by her baby boy “the uncle”. The mom doesn’t eat because she wants her husband to see she is working so hard that she has to starve herself to make him pity her. The uncle doesn’t eat because he cooks too using his sister’s credit card to buy ingredients. Then the little sister complains that her mom makes too much food and tells her mom to her face that she wastes money on dad’s friends, but she goes to a restaurant with the credit card and buys $193 worth of food. So she’s using the credit card to buy 4 other people food every single day. Her total for the month was $1400. She doesn’t eat one bite at home.

On top of that she’s grody. She doesn’t shower when she wakes up at 11 or sometimes 12:30 in the afternoon. She wears the company painting shirt to go for the “I slept over my boyfriend’s house look” with super short shorts. Her room smells whenever she opens the door because she never washes her sheets or her clothes. She just runs out the door as soon as she wakes up so she doesn’t have to clean anything and sprays perfume on her clothes and hair. She looks like Bobby from King of the Hill.

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