I Hate My Inlaws!

I'll have a party when you die

Posted on Mon, Jun. 22, 2020 at 07:40 am

To my mother in law who constantly tells me I'm overweight and look pregnant, it clearly doesn't stop your husband, my Fil,from eye banging me every time I see him. I just had two children! Also,my Bil who continues to make me and my husband feel less than human because we don't make as much money as you,we have a daughter and you don't, also we won't congratulate you on your fifth boy lmao Maybe you shouldn't have had abortions in between children and you'd have a daughter! Maybe that Bentley in your driveway makes up for the children you pick and choose to let live after you conceive them. Also to my BIl stop staring at me in front of your jealous anorexic wife, if you wanted a wife with a body you should've looked harder before you married the twig. Fil and Mil Thanks for completely ruining my husband inside because of you favoritism for his brother who is the most jealous narcissist person I've ever met in my entire life. Thanks for never speaking English at get togethers on purpose so I can't understand unless it's a dig towards my husband or me. No one cares about your house that you bought or your fancy cars so stop bragging before I vomit. Hilarious that you have to buy a duplex and have your parents live right next to you when your in your thirties, oh that's right, your wife can't take care of all your boys by herself but you continue to have children because you can't handle the fact that you don't have a daughter and we do. To my 53 year old MIL stop competing with me, I'm 30 and I'm beautiful so stop hating me for it, you'll never be me. Stop copying my hair, my nails, my shoes, my clothes, just leave me alone! You've lost privileges to your only granddaughter and our son because of your complete lack of respect for me and your son. I know you wanted your husband to marry a women from your country and that's why you don't like me,can't believe you kept sending him back there just to find a wife. You shouldn't have brought your family to America then. Every year when you go to Europe and Mexico I pray that your plane crashes with you AND my Bil's whole family on it. To my MIL, thanks for telling me that my bathroom towels make us look poor, thanks for tellin me that my husband's ex is skinny and has a college degree. Clearly that wasn't enough to keep your son interested. To my sil your a fake two faced dog and I can see right through your fakeness. I hope that boob job your husband is getting you fills both of your voids hahaha maybe he will stop staring at mine now. I pray for the day something bad happens to all of you. By the way I'll blow your whole world up by exposing your family secret if you continue to mess with me. It's only been five years with my husband and I literally despise every single one of you, even my spoiled nephews. To my Bil, your not rich or well off, you live off credit and are really in enormous debt so stop making us feel bad for not owning a business or driving a ferrari. To my Mil, stop telling us every time you and my fil have sex. I DO NOT CARE! And when you told me I should have another baby so you can take mine, then asked us how much money we want so you could buy our daughter from us!!!! That's first day I wished for your death. Last but not least to every single one of my in laws........swallow a bullet and die.

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