I Hate My Inlaws!

Moving on...

Posted on Thu, Jul. 23, 2020 at 06:53 am

I’ve been married to DH 5 years. My MIL hates me, believes she is DH’s one priority and I had no rights regarding where DH and I live, what we drive, vacations etc. (I worked f/t but apparently still a ‘gold digger’).
I was never invited to family events before we were married and was generally ignored or criticised once we were married. “Your hairs too long, your job doesn’t pay enough, you don’t look after DH or the house very well do you?”

DH is very easy going (and my personal cheerleader, knowing he would have to defend any woman in his life from his mom) but MIL would call DH on his cell and bitch about me almost every day so even DH was pissed and stopped answering her many calls. MIL blamed me for him not answering (eye roll).

2 years into our marriage we found out that it would be difficult to conceive a child naturally. DH stupidly told his Nonna, who told MIL.

The following call was on car speaker so I listened in with DH.

DH: “Hi, I’m driving so I-“
MIL: “Nonna called and told me about HER being barren, honestly (DH name) SHE is worthless, you need to move on and be with someone who can be a real family!”
DH pulls over, looks at me and takes my hand..
DH: .....” Mom, you are absolutely right! I should cut off dead weight so I can have a better life! I think moving on and ending our relationship is for the best. “
MIL: “Oh (DH name) I’m so glad you see it too, come home and I help sort out this mess SHEs gotten you into.”
DH: “No Mom, you don’t understand I’m ending OUR relationship! The only person who has made my life difficult is YOU! And I’ve had enough..”
MIL: “ But I’m your mother!?!”
End of call.....

DH has been true to his word. For first 6 months- the never ending calls and texts were blocked, letters unanswered, cards returned to sender, flying monkeys put in their place. Visits to our workplaces and our home stopped by security/cops. Social media privacy settings improved and passwords enabled to all our medical and finance providers( that’s another long story -she was getting totally desperate at this point). We also moved.

The past 3 years have been great. However, we just announce to extended family we are having a baby and know it will get back to MIL. I’m waiting to see if the insanity starts again.

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