I Hate My Inlaws!

Current Chuckle: July Edition

Posted on Thu, Jul. 23, 2020 at 05:33 pm

Recently I was reminded about my BIL's Small Poppy Syndrome. You see, my BIL loved to strut around and try to get attention (I'm thinking he wasn't hugged enough as a kid, based on MIL's cold, unaffectionate ways). Interestingly, he positioned his barbels and weight-lifting items right outside the window that was a straight shot down the hall from our bedroom.

You couldn't even go to the loo without seeing his sweating, grunting, and grotesquely-hairy body lifting weights. He could have done this activity anywhere, but chose to do so where we absolutely would not miss it. Bless his soul, as he certainly was trying hard to appear big and strong. There's just one little problem (and I stress the word "little"): He is a very small man.

Not only is BIL fairly short, but I'm pretty sure he was little in many other areas as well. You see, I did quite a lot of the laundry when we were staying with the in-laws. I always chuckled when I removed BIL's clothing from the line, folded it, and left it for him.

His itty-bitty underwear certainly did not seem stretched at all in the cup, if you get my meaning. He had itty-bitty shorts, and medium-sized t-shirts to go with it all. The part that really topped it off was when I tripped over his flip flops. I asked my husband if I should put them in his mother's room, when he replied that they were his BROTHER'S. I nearly fell over laughing to discover that this little, little man had such small feet to go with his small body.

No amount of working out is going to add anything in those skivvies, my friend. It's cute that it obviously bothered you so much that you tried to "impress" us with your weight lifting.

I think it's great that you would want to stay healthy and in shape, but I think you should instead spend more time working on your personality rather than your bicep size.

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