I Hate My Inlaws!

Focus On Your Relationship.

Posted on Mon, Aug. 03, 2020 at 07:43 am

You two have the audacity to intrude in our lives, home and relationship, when your own marriage has been a mess for the vast majority of it.

You bicker like children, you snipe at each other and clearly make each other miserable-so why aren’t you dealing with your problems? Why pry and blow things out of proportion when we have merely had a hiccup?

You prance around like you are the be all and end all when you are empty and unhappy people. You show off every opportunity you get, but really, underneath, you lack class and substance.

You forget, I am educated, I come from an affluent background, I have connections you’ll never be exposed to, I have travelled that much more and yet you treat me like I haven’t got a clue about, well anything.

I know you (MIL) feel the need to compete with me, and you (FIL) have issues with women because of your mother, and can’t stand that a woman is better educated than you, would earn more than you.

You don’t like being reminded of who you are. What you are. But I have never had issues with your social background. Because a person’s character means more than how much they earn or how large their vocabulary is.

You are snobs, but you come from nowhere. You judge others, but lack substance and grace.

Focus on your life! And what mess you have made and stop trying to use us as a distraction.

You are bloody boring!

Grow up!

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