I Hate My Inlaws!

The disappointment continues

Posted on Tue, Aug. 04, 2020 at 07:31 am

To the grandmother who posts all the Grandchild are my world/Always in my heart/Best thing is being a Grandma blahblahblah it sure is strange that you have zero contact /communication with our kids.

For years you used our home as a vacation place. Not that you created a relationship with our kids during these month long annual visits. The truth couldn't be further, you essentially ignored them in their own home while calling the Golden Grands daily. Our kids noticed...

Recently you had several distant relatives relocate to another sunny destination and you prefer to go there instead. So you haven't seen our children in 3 years. You told my husband you just couldn't do the drive and things yet you are totally able to go to the other location.

During this time, all 3 of my boys have had their own cellphones and you have their numbers. So now you can access my children outside of me and my husband. Do you? Never. No messages or conversations or just a what is going on with you... crickets.

Yeah, guess my children are not the grandchildren you post about. The disappointment continues.

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