I Hate My Inlaws!

Where To Begin?!

Posted on Tue, Sep. 08, 2020 at 06:37 pm

There's been so much BS crammed into one month that I'm not sure I could list it all here. The bottom line is that you're up to your old tricks, eh MIL?

Do you think that by insulting us (one by one, with your little snuck-in digs) that you're going to endear yourself to us?

I'm sure you must realize by now that your BS is "tolerated" only because my husband has too much honor to take it any further with you, and no energy left to care. The one child of yours who would have stepped in front of a train for you now might hesitate. Congrats on beating that out of him? I mean, it's just sad that his feelings for you are pretty much numb at this point.

He did call you on a couple of things, but left the rest alone since it's clear you will never change and that pointing things out to you is pointless.

One interesting tidbit is that when you sent your flying monkey to get something out of my husband, and he said no, you tried to make it happen yourself. Look, you're going to get what you asked for, OK? We know it won't be good enough, but whatever will keep the peace, right? Again, we don't care enough to fight about something that matters so little at this point. So yeah, congrats, you'll get the item you've asked for, but I know you won't actually care very much about it.

It was only about making people jump through a hoop to make it happen for you, wasn't it? So, be proud of yourself that we don't have enough f%@#$ to give to fight it, so we'll just do it for you. Can you sense the enthusiasm behind that? It is a hollow victory, MIL, but don't let that stop you from gloating inside.

Girl, the saving grace is that my husband now sees your true colors for what they are at long last...and you've completely lost all of his respect.

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