I Hate My Inlaws!

It's not your place MIL

Posted on Wed, Sep. 09, 2020 at 09:16 am

I received an invitation in the mail yesterday to my son's birthday party. My son who is turning 4 on Sunday. My MIL took it upon herself to plan and host his birthday party at her house. I wasn't asked or even told about it. This invitation is how I found out. My husband said he must have "forgot" to let me know about it. (yeah right, I think he purposefully didn't tell me because he knew I would say no) Everyone else in his family knew about the party for WEEKS!! This pisses me off so bad. When I was crying and telling my husband how his mother really crossed the line and he needs to tell her to butt out, that I'm the mother and I'll decide things like birthdays around here, he blew me off. Told me how his mom didn't mean anything by it and she just wanted to do something nice. Yeah right. I hate him and his stupid a** family.

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