I Hate My Inlaws!

Dysfunctional Family-Yours!

Posted on Tue, Jan. 12, 2021 at 10:24 am

It’s pretty obvious and was right from the start that you are unbelievably controlling, that your husband is henpecked and doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to you; no he’d much rather take out his frustrations on others, and that you screwed up your kids telling them what to do in their lives.

You always grind people down until you get what you want and force yourself on others because you believe you have the right to.

You have stayed in a marriage that should have ended decades ago! Yes! “Your” marriage has been a mess for the majority of it and yet don’t you just love to gossip about the relationships of those around you.

Bottom line is my dear, you are only with your husband still because neither you or he wanted to be alone, you didn’t want the financial changes to affect your lifestyle and your pride wouldn’t allow you to hint to anyone that you are not in a perfect place as you would have us all believe.

You try to put on a show and kid people you are anything but what you really are. You try to put on airs and graces that is frankly nauseating to witness.

You talk over people and drown them out, you don’t allow anyone to end a sentence they’ve started because you just have to turn all conversations into rambling on about yourself.

Spiteful is what you are. A big headed spiteful pain the backside.

You have affected people so badly just in order to control what’s happening around you in order to suit you.

And I am sickened by your vulgar way of showing off every opportunity you get. Just...stop...already!

The absolute malice that lurks in your soul delights you doesn’t it. How quickly you relish in making trouble.

Irritating is one thing I regard you as because you are how old??? And this is how you choose to continue to be???

Get over yourself already.

Just leave people to live their lives without taking swipes at their happiness or belittling joyful moments or ocsssions.

Be gone! 👉🏻

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