I Hate My Inlaws!

Drinking at Nine in the Morning

Posted on Sun, Feb. 14, 2021 at 06:54 pm

Oh Fil, you just can't seem to keep away from the alcohol. Health scares have clearly done nothing to deter you. It's cute that you stand firmly behind the excuse that it's your "culture" to do so. I find that rather interesting, because my husband was raised in that same culture and never, ever, ever has any interest whatsoever in alcohol in the morning.

My husband enjoys seeing life through his own eyes rather than from behind a fuzzy, tipsy cloud.

It always boggled my mind how much alcohol you would consume during your stays in our home. My husband would join you (I assume in an attempt to bond with you, but clearly that did nothing to bolster your relationship with one another and so it was completely in vain on his part). When you would fly back home, he would express gratitude that he no longer would have to attempt to "keep up" with your drinking. Gee, that sounds pretty bad when one says it like that, doesn't it?

It's a shame that you have to numb your way through life like that, but thankfully you live too far away for my kids to have to be exposed to that. Instead, they have the honor of the majority of my family being fully present whenever we visit with them. Maybe not coincidentally, but these family members are also much more capable of expressing their love and support for us regularly as well.

You, on the other hand, seem to live in a pit of your own misery...and you have shut out completely your son, his wife, and your beautiful grandchildren. Your huge absence from our children's lives forces us to fill in the blanks of what you're really like (assuming our children ever think to ask, which they never do because they've all but forgotten about you). Don't worry, I'm happy to fill them in on how little your legacy means. I'm happy to tell them what you are really like.

As I said, however, I don't imagine they will ever think to ask.

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