I Hate My Inlaws!

I get it, I understand pt. 2

Posted on Fri, Feb. 19, 2021 at 08:25 am

It causes me no joy that the rift in our family is still around and getting worse. You have every right to understand what's going on and I've felt horrible to think about the pain you are experiencing, especially with all you've lived through and how rough your life has been.

You see, the thing is, they aren't MY reasons or my stories to explain and your grandchildren are all in counseling and trying to get to the point where they CAN reach out and explain things to you. They are broken in so many ways and I have to support them through this.

At the same time I've been encouraging them to reach out and they tell me you won't be open to them. I've told them again and again that you have the right to know but they've been so afraid of being REJECTED they've continued their silence.

Then, after the holidays, I was so close to a breakthrough. They were sad and missed our family traditions. They were finally gathering the strength to talk to you about so many things.

Then it happened. You reached out and with one single action undid everything, EVERYTHING, I worked years to accomplish. The wound was closing and then you threw salt in it and pushed them right back to phase one.

You need to decide. Honestly, what's more important? Your fragile ego or your grandchildren?

Ugh, back to work rebuilding and praying that you see the light before the kids are irreparably isolated.

Also, this doesn't surprise me. It's happened before and some of the answers you're seeking are evident if you just take a moment to look back and put yourself in their shoes.

This is your chance to make the right choice and mend the rift. Please consider things from their perspective and call on your empathy to act in unconditional love this time.

At the very least they deserve that.

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