I Hate My Inlaws!

You called the sheriff?

Posted on Mon, Feb. 22, 2021 at 07:50 am

We moved many miles away on purpose to hours from you Fil and Mil.

We didn’t give either of you our new cell phone numbers or even a email.

Then, why would that not give you a half hint that we did not need be notified that one of you are ill. Why did you waste the resources of the already spread too thin Sheriff department to have them drive to tell us?

I believe he was puzzled when we acted indifferent to his news. We talked about the weather and expressed concern that he had to go through all the trouble with his time.

In the future, Mil and Fil, if someone cuts contact with you for 20 years, doesn’t respond to any mail you send, does not share contact information, and they move hours away......

Yes, these are the people who do not care about your health!

Now, you are wiser.

Actually, if you follow up with the sheriff, he will tell you he told us and we had no response at all. We didn’t seem to care.

Now, are you still confused? It is okay. You both are good at being yourselves!

Take care or not. We don’t care either way.

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