I Hate My Inlaws!

Glad you're out of my life

Posted on Thu, Mar. 18, 2021 at 07:07 am

The only one who should go light on the drinks is you. There was no will. You weren't even involved in this matter at all and yet you found a way to insert yourself yet again. But your name isn't anywhere on the documents so go back to the trailer home you call life and stir up drama with that ex baby mama twice removed.

Better yet, one of the whores that graduated high school the same year as me since being a sex addict is what you do best NIL (btw this acronym isn't the one but it is the one you chose because you are backward ass hillbillies who don't know shit about hierarchy..You ain't no generation above me you dumb fuck...our moms were sisters remember asswipe)

And she would be rolling in her grave if she knew you told me you were curious and touched me down there when I was a baby and you were 15. You are sick and now to find out you are dating the girl who went to prom with me. I hate you.

You remind me of Charlie Sheen. Actually NO... I have some respect for him considering he actually did something with his life rather than leeching off sugar mamas, letting his sex addiction take over, and stirring the damn pot.. maybe put down the meth pipe honey. Toodles!

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