I Hate My Inlaws!

Crazy Bitter Inlaws

Posted on Fri, Mar. 19, 2021 at 02:31 pm

Both SILs eveyone knows you fall out with lots of people. And Neice inlaw we all know how manipulative you are just like your mother who has well treained you!

So you've all been trying to split DH and I up... You're Nasty, nasty, nasty! It's ironic the people who have had big problems in their own relationships have been trying to cause problems in mine. And the people who have happy relationships are not meddling and manipulative towards us. Funny that... are things not right at home? SIL 1 is your H cheating again? Or have you had a public fight with your MIL again? Or perhaps it was your H's sister?? Or was it your brother? His wife? Your cousin?? Or perhaps your elderly Aunt.... Maybe it was that old freind of yours, or the customers you keep complaining about?? Perhaps you had an argument with the bird feeding on the bird table? Or was it the neighbor's pet dog? Obviously you love to moan and fallout with everyone basically all of the time. Oh how wonderful, it must be pure joy being so miserable but please don't keep making everyone else's lives a misery just 'cause you are a jealous, vindictive, know it all (or should I say know nothing) (un)kind of a person!

SIL 2 sill not getting along with your sister, your son, his wife, her family? And again, the list goes on. Why don't you and SIL 1 live in the same house 'cause you are so perfectly abnormal in your views of the world. You can spend your days arguing and belittling one another rather than everyone else. SIL 1 we all know you like to be the big boss, oh and so does SIL 2. I'm sure you can work things out... like never ;)

Neice inlaw you can move in with your mom and other Aunt, perhaps they will still spoil you at 40. Oh I don't think it will work 'cause you like a lot of male attention just like your mom. Thinking about it you all want to be the center of attention and that's why you behave so ridiculously spiteful towards certain women... you know, the ones who work hard to get somewhere in life.

For all the nasty things you've done to me and others perhaps one day you'll know what it feels like. It isn't easy being surrounded by narcissists. Good luck, not to you but to me for putting up with it for far too long!!

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