I Hate My Inlaws!

Dear Mother of Husband

Posted on Sat, Mar. 20, 2021 at 01:45 am

Dear female parent of husband,

I leave the room when you and he talk on the phone. Why? He has his phone volume turned up and your voice projects around the room! I don’t like hearing you talk.

I don’t even like you, the way you treat me and think that you are “good at being who you are.” It my way of saying that I give up on you as a person.

I avoid you without making it obvious. I will continue doing so. Take care or not! I don’t care about you at all.


Dear single sister of husband

Did you knew you blew it with me?

First of all, you claim to be like a mom to my daughter! Why? One time you gave her a gift! Now, you won’t stop raving about how good you are!

Motherhood isn’t about spending a few dollars and having mom bragging rights! It is a title that is earned from the hopes, heartbreak, and being there for everything both good and bad for your child! You have both insulted me and over stepped your place! You are not a mom to my adult children. You are not a mom. You are not even a role model!

Thank you for not adopting or having a child! You made the world a better place by not raising more alcoholics like your sister did! I will give you credit for this one!

You were never a mom to my children. I am their mom.

You dear didn’t even offer to babysit but I would it said no because you chain smoke when not working and are a alcoholic. You smell like a ashtray and my children have asthma! Yet, you are in the medical field and don’t see the connection. Sad. Your house stinks!!! I can smell the smoke from your driveway! Maybe open the window? Stop smoking inside? Have your curtains, carpets, and couches cleaned? It would help!

It is your choice to smoke or not. I don’t care what you do.

Thank you as well for insulting me for liking the color pink! If that is the best you can come up for something to use against me..... Don’t worry I know you aren’t that deep and it is beyond you to think beyond your next social media post! I know you like to do good deeds just to use it against people to build yourself up and bragging about how “good” you are.


Dear brother of husband

Have you realized that you married a “special” woman (that only you found lovable?)

She didn’t even try to hide her “uniqueness” (I am being kind and classy about this because I am classy!)

Why would you be surprised that after her driving everyone away and her being banned from everyone’s home that she would show her “special traits” more to you?

Why does it surprise you that she is “good at being herself?”

Now, she wants a divorce from you and wants to drain you dry financially in spousal support payments. Surprise! Really? The same woman who has been both physically and emotionally abusive to you....

She ruined your daughter’s birthday. Surprise! When was she a kind, charming, good person? Think back now? See? She is “good at being herself.”

Is she not the same person who told you that she didn’t have a spending problem but you didn’t make enough money? She just doesn’t like living in a budget that is all. It was acceptable to you once but now you see the truth and what a winner you picked.

Love is blind and now you see the truth.

I know it must be harsh for you right now.


Dear neighbor sister and brother in law of husband

It is so obvious that the two of you use people. Could you work on gaining some charm to try to hide it? Thanks for being good at being obvious users! Congratulations on raising such “special adults.” They are well known for their alcoholism, drink driving records, party lifestyles, and they gained both of your lack of skills of how to now to treat others. I bet both of you are proud!

Do you ever plan “who is the daddy” of your daughter’s babies bingo? It could be anyone amongst so many men!

I know husbands mom thinks that both of you and your spawn can do no wrong! How is this working for you and how did it work for your now adult children?


Dear adult niece of husband,

I am glad that you moved away! I regret not calling social services on you for letting your 3 year old play in the road while you became drunk on your porch! The other two children left to roam the neighborhood as well. We can’t have you being a responsible parent can we? I least I don’t have to walk by your house and see the “trash” circus that is your life!

Dear nephew 1 of husband,

Please clean up your yard! I can’t even open my curtains because of your yard mess!

Please stop getting drunk in your yard, playing loud music at night, driving drunk, and yelling out inappropriate things while drunk? (Basically anytime you are home.....)

Dear adult Nephew 2 of husband,

Please stop getting drunk and driving! Please stop enabling your brother!


All of you take care or not! I will continue to avoid all of you without appearing to do so.

All of you are really “something.”


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