I Hate My Inlaws!

Peace. Finally

Posted on Tue, Mar. 30, 2021 at 05:49 pm

All this time none of you were ever nice to me.
I was always kind.
I really mean that.
When you made comments to bring me down I ignored them.
When I did things for you.. you barely even thanked me.
Your behavior of all the inlaws minus a few was always cold, distant, unkind, and negative.
I still tried.
I'll never tell you because you won't believe me but your brother and son is abusive.
It gets better I told him to get thr fuck out. I had it.
And realized that the whole time I was with him... he had made over 250k.
I didn't know until he did the taxes...
And I saw how much he made. I know money doesn't go far but after he left I called a counselor and spoke to many of my friends.
He was using cocaine.
Probably the entire time.
I forgive myself for not seeing the signs when someone was so awful as it was.
The financial infinity.
The verbal abuse. The mental the physical.
I hope your son's scared.
Yet what does he do? Run home to mommy.
Open your eyes people I've always help my own.
He is a drug addiction and not to be trusted.
Ever wonder why the little one never liked him and was almost scared of him.. his face his voice? Because kids read energy. And his is evil. Literally Evil and cruel.

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