I Hate My Inlaws!

God loving but sinful sister-in-law

Posted on Wed, Apr. 21, 2021 at 10:22 am

My sister-in-law is ruining our family. She claims to be a strong Christian woman but doesn’t portray it when it comes to family. She claims that she treats everyone with respect the way God wants us to and loves all just as the Bible says. She’s driving me up the wall! She homeschools her kids to shelter them from the world and dictates everything and anything they eat. This doesn’t seem too bad, but whenever we get together as a family she always makes comments about the meal being served as well as what they can and cannot do. She shelters her three kids from everything. She does not allow them to have sugar at home and gets really upset if grandma or grandpa offers them one cookie while out their house. Come on! They’re kids! They deserve to have some sugar especially if it’s from grandma and grandpa. She also is very mean to my mother-in-law. They recently got into a huge fight after one of the kids was asking about The Covid vaccine. As you can imagine, my sister-in-law is a huge anti-vaxer. My young niece was just asking why some people are getting the vaccine. Grandma responded by saying that everyone has a choice and it’s up to each person individually to decide if they want the vaccine or not. Well my little niece, went home that day and told mom about the conversation. Apparently my sister-in-law took it as they were saying that those who don’t get the vaccine are bad and not thinking of others. That is not how the conversation went but my sister-in-law refused to believe the real side of the story. She is believing my eight-year-old Niece and has now banned the whole family from talking to anyone. It’s tearing us all apart. We were going to go on a family trip this August but grandma and grandpa have already canceled it. I really wish my sister-in-law would just keep her nose out of everyone’s business and let everyone have their own opinions without trying to ruin it and make it seem like she is in the right with everything. I really hate her right now but I really wish we could just get along and move past this.

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