I Hate My Inlaws!

Barbarian = Outsider

Posted on Sat, Apr. 24, 2021 at 03:22 pm

Only, you aren’t. I am the outsider and have been my entire life.

But, that’s self pity, which you hate, right?

I wish I could hate people but I don’t have that in me. I’ve never spoken ill of you to your face or behind your back.

However, now I know you can’t say the same. Still, I have only love and respect.

Maybe I have been judged so often and harshly that I can’t bring myself to treat someone like that. Isn’t seeing the best in people and being an encouragement a more positive choice than tearing someone down and making fun of their looks, challenges, accent, etc. etc.? I’ve heard you stand against shaming others....

Except me. It’s apparently fair game to treat me like shit based on old grudges that were never even valid in the first place. Grudges based on assumptions and lack of communication. Grudges that are parading as an excuse to dislike me and others.

Because the scary truth is that you are just as judgmental as the family you disavow.

I know you have no negative feelings towards us. That just means you have no feelings towards us. That’s sad considering all we have done for you.

Sad and wrong.

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