I Hate My Inlaws!

You’re so obviously completely in the dark

Posted on Sat, May. 29, 2021 at 07:16 pm

MIL, You think we hate you because that’s the narrative HE spins. You’re are blind to his crimes and enabling his continued abuse and control. I know because I used to believe the lies too.

My husband is loyal and kind. He was almost broken by your other child. He deserves so much better than you’re ever willing to give. All the praise and love you lavish on your miscreant should have been given to my husband instead. HE deserves your pride!

And that other child? You’re nothing more than his super sweet patsy. Just like you were your husbands and before that your fathers.

You dislike people who have the balls to do what you were never able to for your own children. Leave.

Quit fooling yourself that your taking any blame from us other than what you deserve.

We will continue to tell out truth and if it means outing your sons “family secrets” well too fucking bad. We are just putting it out there before the cops eventually do.

OH and no. “White people” did not come into town and fix what the “blacks” have broken.

They actually came into town and destroyed everything that the beautiful, diverse community had built! It’s called gentrification and it’s bad. Your disgusting racism is gut wrenching.

That. That’s something for which we blame you.

You’re sick.

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