I Hate My Inlaws!

A lot for just one day

Posted on Sun, May. 30, 2021 at 01:27 pm

So my mother invited my MIL for mother's day, as she has done for the past few years, because she knows that my MIL is alone and knows that I hate going to my MIL's place
A few days before I tell my husband that it would be nice if my MIL could bring a little something. She has been invited for Christmas and mother's day for at least 4 years and has never brought anything. No gift, no flowers, no food... DH has lunch with his mother and hints that (in nicer words) and then tells me that his mother was offended because she did bring a pie once... Mother's day comes and we go pick her up. All she can talk about in the car is her bowel troubles. Nice... Then we arrive and she gives my mom a cheap, very cheap box of chocolates, mumbles sthg like thank you for inviting me and turns around
I mean you can buy a cute plant for 5€, she put 0 effort in it.
Then complains how she can't eat this or drink that because of her bowels. Well maybe she should bring sthg she can drink in that case, we can't guess.
My husband didn't know what to get her so she bought sthg for herself and he was going to just give her the money. I felt bad that she wasn't going to receive anything so I took a perfume that I was given by the company I work for and my husband offered it to her. It was new and is worth about 100€. She knows that it is the brand I work for and must have guessed that I was somewhat responsible for it. I didn't even get a thank you.
And it goes like this everytime. Maybe I'm not being compassionate enough but I am sick of her attitude, sick of hearing about diarrhea and such.
If she can't behave or show a little gratitude maybe she should refuse the invitation next time. And because my mom invited her the past few years she seems to think that it is a given but she doesn't seem to realise that my mom spends time and money organising everytime. Every year it become more difficult to keep my mouth shut.
She doesn't have a great health and I would feel compassion if I got along with her but she is such a polar opposite to me. She is rude, uneducated, has no etiquette. I seriously wonder how DH turned out so well. Maybe one day he'll stop finding excuses for everything she does or says.

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