I Hate My Inlaws!

So weird

Posted on Sun, May. 30, 2021 at 11:57 pm

My FIL is a weirdo. Really, he is a complete gossipy narcissist baby who is up in everyone’s business, but he is also just so weird. He hates vegetables but likes to drink boiled vegetable water (blech!), paws through the trash to see what we are throwing out (transfers the trash by hand from the main garbage can to a small grocery bag, looking through everything and leaving the crusty used trashbag in the trashcan empty to be refilled again), and his bathrobe comes up so far in the back that I can see his poo-stained tighty whities. To top it off, he is BORInG and talks endlessly about eating mundane crap like yogurt, and tries to convert me all the time to his creepy religion. He waits until commercials are over and the show or movie is playing to start talking about f’ing food. It’s enough to make me anorexic. Just today he saw me eating cherries and strawberries and asked me how to eat them raw because he had never seen or done that before. Like, who the heck in America hasn’t ever eaten a strawberry?! He is constantly talking about pooping himself due to the disgusting quantities of food he eats. Ugh, the man in in his 80s and shows no signs of imminent death but is now making plans to move near us. He is almost deaf and almost blind. I hate him so much.

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