I Hate My Inlaws!

I feel sad for you almost former Sil

Posted on Thu, Jun. 03, 2021 at 10:50 pm

It know that you think money 💰 in itself brings happiness. Does it really ?

Are you happy with the money that you have now?

Will the dollar amount that you inherit when your mom dies he the right amount for you to feel even slightly happy?

Sadly, I predict that you will be angry and bitter about that as well because nothing seems to be enough for you.

Others fear your temper and try to appease you to keep the peace. I instead feel sorry for you from afar. I won’t and can’t teach you that there is more to life than money. Enjoy life or not. Your choice.

Funny, you told me once how I was the outcast and that all of my husbands relatives hated me. I asked what I had done. It is possible that it need some feedback. Would she care to share some feedback on how I could grow as a person?

She seemed shocked.

Yes, some of us are willing to work on ourselves.

One could even think that character is more important then becoming wealthy. Imagine that almost former sil.

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