I Hate My Inlaws!

The Great Shrimp Debacle

Posted on Mon, Jun. 07, 2021 at 09:04 am

Have you ever met someone who is so ridiculously rude to waitstaff that you are worried about spit? Soon to be ex mil takes first prize at the county fair... We went to a restaurant famous for their olives wink wink... And she ordered Chicken scampi. The waitress put the order in correctly but the cook made the wrong meal. The waitress was pleasant, warm and all around good at her job. She talked to my kids about their drawings with genuine interest, just all around nice. The food was brought out by a helper. Our waitress was over within minutes to ask if everything looked alright. Mil snapped. There is shrimp here!!! I can see shrimp!! Her bottom lip started quivering like a child. The waitress calmly but assertively asked. are you allergic to sea food? (Making sure the situation was safe.) She was genuinely concerned. Mil snapped "No! You didn't do your job! is it that hard?! Are you stupid?!" Mil started carrying on about the shrimp and how her food will taste like shrimp and it's awful! And that she hates shrimp "it's the most terrible food on the planet." No one ever listens to her... She screaming at this poor waitress who took this with the most grace I have ever seen. Mil could have just been polite. There wasn't on bit of bad service before this her reaction was just over the top dramatic.. Before the waitress could apologize and correct the error mil continued to go on a rampage. To the point other customers were staring at us. The waitress said I'll correct the mistake right away, taking the offending dish with her. I excused my self to "speak with a manager on mils behalf" I went to the kitchen and profusely apologized for her behavior. That even if it was entered incorrectly (It wasn't) no one should be treated so poorly. To her credit the waitress didn't seem phased by mils behavior "We should have gotten the correct food out.. but her type happen often but thank you for being concerned". I slipped the waitress an extra $20 in cash. Manager brought out the correct dish. Fresh and plated better than a picture. Mil complained that it took 9 whole minutes to fix the issue. Mil spent most of the meal complaining. Kiddos were trying to hide under the table at this point because she was being so over the top. I tried my damndest to defuse her.. Her dead beat son did nothing but stuff his face with bread sticks and pretend his mother wasn't losing her mind. I messaged him "control this woman please?" "Do something.. she's gonna get us thrown out" "I really wanted tiramisu.. if this bitch ruins that chance.." "hello?" He just munched away staring at his phone... tuning out her babble.. My ASD son reminded his own grandmother to behave. Asshat stbexh just said "you know how she is.. I didn't want to get involved" Out of morbid curiosity A few months later we went again. I order the shrimp Alfredo. I could see veins popping out of her forehead. Lol.. I order shrimp every meal I have to endure with that woman. She has a problem with every meal at every restaurant. I live in an area where people have high expectations of service. It's always really good service. I don't understand this woman...

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