I Hate My Inlaws!

The shitty inlaws

Posted on Sat, Jul. 10, 2021 at 11:30 am

Silent treatments and
Ignoring me are a form of manipulation. You know what after all these years I was trying to find a way to connect to you both and the rest of the family. I am done.
Think it's fun to exclude me do you?
Well guess what.
I have 2 sides to me. I am a good person with a big heart. I have endured a lot of pain in my life and I had two choices.. to become mean nasty bitter and hate the world. Or to Florish thrive and rise from the dark to the light.
I chose the light.
When you excluded me on the last event I know you chose to be toxic and think it will be less "stress" on you by doing that. But because your an alcoholic you don't seem to have much of a brain left and have no strategy.
That's okay though because after all these years you'll THINK that I'll beg to come back and see you and kiss your ass and play your game.
Here's the deal.
You exclude me from your get together.. your excluded from all of mine.
I am not welcome in your house ..
You are not welcome in mine...
It's called mirroring back.
It gets even better !!
I will no longer be attending your stupid shitty family dinners .. Yay!!
Instead I'll send my husband along without me!!
But oh, wait .. he hasn't gone in quite a while? That's fucking weird isn't it?
Hmm... Wonder what's going on there?
There's more...
When we have a child your middle name will not be in the child's name.
When we get married we're going to have just the 2 of us and oh wait your not invited and neither are your shitty adult kids.
When you whine and complain and try to chew your son out about this isn't your fault your going to get put into your place.
When you treat people like SHIT .. you know EXACTLY what you are doing so there is NO feeling bad on my end.
I feel liberated, RELIEF that all of the nastiness on your end and all the trying on my end came to an end.
In your culture and faith family is the centre. And I suggest you pray hard and cry yourself to sleep because I am not going to explain to you how hurtful nasty narcissistic and how much of a bulky you are.
You'd just hang up the phone or start yelling and say are you done being irate yet!?
When the kids grow up and you disrespect me still guess what it's called you have NO grandchildren from your son.
You disrespect me you have no right to do that infront of my children.
You see darkness and light do exist. I will do this in the most healthy way possible and it makes me feel so FREE!
BEST OF ALL your son knows it wasn't my fault what you did that day.
He felt bad for me.
No longer do I have to attend your fucking multiple birthdays get together family dinners weddings christenings. Its ALL over.
I can sit at home if he visits you and watch TV go for a hike.. masturbate and feel Grrrrreat! Like Tony the tiger. Weo!
Evwr heard that saying," Watch who you fuck with.?
I am stronger than you are mentally physically and emotionally.
when you said I'm not family and I found out. Guess what?
It works both ways.
You aren't mine either.
Boom! (Mic drop)

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