I Hate My Inlaws!

I am here to protect my husband from you.

Posted on Mon, Sep. 13, 2021 at 07:12 pm

He's so idealistic about you, his mother, that he just can't see that you are a sociopath. My daughter, however, does see it. The last conversation we had, she told me how lucky she was to have me as a mother (even though you think I am a terrible mother and you tried to take her away from me and raise her with your pedophile creep 4th husband). She also said, "Grandma really isn't a good person." She also knows about your genetic oddities and (because she passed AP biology), how extremely unlikely it is that you are my husband's biological parent. Pro tip: if you have two X-linked recessive mutations, it is EXTREMELY unlikely that your biological son would not be positive for at least one of these mutations, even factoring for X-inactivation. But we shall see. Next time we meet, I will wear my red and green shirt to see if you can differentiate between the two. You're lucky I'm a pacifist and refuse to cut you to see how long it takes you to clot. Bitch.

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