I Hate My Inlaws!


Posted on Tue, Jan. 11, 2022 at 10:08 am

You once told me that you held a grudge against me for speaking up to you when you refused to let my son in your living room with his drink, which blew me away because these are some of the things you have done to me:

Called me lazy constantly because I didn’t have a job always ….. I had no car, and was raising a young child , your big Baby son had a hot meal every night and NEVER had to lift a finger in the house.

Ask what your grandchild wanted for Christmas then proceed to tell me your sister said she shouldn’t buy your grandchild anything because he never calls you ….. he was 8 and abused by many members of your family and didn’t like talking on the phone.

You tried to get me to eat a single piece of pie that you made specifically for me, and stomped your foot and yelled “NO” when your grandson said he would eat it! I know you poisoned it.

Your sister slammed the door in me and my sons face when I knocked and asked if he could use the bathroom.

You refused to let your grandson live in you’re 4 bedroom house when we had nowhere to live.

You told me your other sister told you not to help us with food, so you didn’t. While you took vacations, ate lobster redecorated your houses more than 10 times that I know of.

Your whole family, especially YOU talked shut about me in front on my child.

The worst is a tie, the time you showed up hours late Christmas morning after promising your grandson you’d be there at a certain time, and I had to watch him cry because his stupid father wouldn’t let him open any presents til you got there.

Or the time you held a half birthday for my young and I was not welcomed in your home.

Your sons are MONSTERS because of YOU!

I am so glad you’re TOXIC family is out of our lives 💙

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