I Hate My Inlaws!

To not dear Mil

Posted on Mon, Sep. 19, 2022 at 07:44 am

You are going to have a major surgery tomorrow morning.

I will not be thinking kindly of you doing the procedure or for the recovery.

If you need extra help afterwards, I will not share time with my husband with you.

As always, I won’t do any errands that would benefit you.

I won’t do anything for you.

The plan is the dame as always. I will avoid you without appearing to do so.

If people ask how you doing, I act surprised that you might live nearby. In fact, my responsive is so indifferent that I say I don’t even remember meeting you or any of your offspring or relatives.

I don’t care about you and you don’t matter to me at all.

Whatever happens is what it is tomorrow and what happens in your recovery is what happens. I don’t care.

It wasn’t nice meeting you and you are not a inspiration for me.

Thank you for being a horrible warning, I suppose.

It is sad that your own son, my husband, even admits that you and your family “doesn’t welcome outsiders Into your family.”

If you don’t make it through this, I will attend your funeral wearing the most colorful dress.

The world will have brighter and lighter feel to it! The fall flowers will glow with even more beautiful color and each day will begin with more positivity.

All because you, not dear person, will not be our neighbor anymore.

I don’t care about you in any way. At all.

Also, your son told me that he regrets moving closer to you (walking distance) because of how you and relatives have treated us (him, myself and our off spring.)

From the woman who married your son who will be wearing the most colorful dress and shoes at your funeral!

Not Fondly toward you,

The person with in-laws for neighbors who used to post on the in-law boards

Hi everyone!

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