I Hate My Inlaws!

Guess Karma Visited BIL

Posted on Tue, Sep. 20, 2022 at 03:34 am

Dear BIL,

Today while lurking Online, I found out your first born and only son got married recently.

While I will never meet him or his new wife as I divorced that loser brother of yours, what’s that German word for gloating?

Anyways, my curiosity and investigative nature made me look further.

At her.

I invested $9, looked up her name and confirmed it was her.

She’s a Gem.

What really stood out about her was her extensive rap sheet she has from another state.

As long as a freight train.

Let’s see - charges each of several traffic violations, several thefts, trespassing, and several charges of possession of Heroin.

You must be mighty proud of your new DIL!

Seems your son brought some shame to your uppity, holier than thou family and to me it is “Karma-lly” delicious!

Good! You deserve it!

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