I Hate My Inlaws!

Pick Up What's Put Down

Posted on Mon, Mar. 13, 2023 at 09:12 pm

We're communicating in the passive-aggressive style that YOU invented for our communications. When YOU used this exact tactic to convey your feelings about a matter, we didn't pick up on it until it was too late. We chose to keep good feelings in our hearts and told ourselves that you just have communication struggles. Boy were we wrong and we learned a very costly lesson in the end.

We now know that it's not as simple as that: you were conveying your disagreable feelings about the matter and we just didn't want to see that. That was on US.

All of your decades of gameplaying, cruelty and bullshit has finally broken my husband's spirit regarding you. Are you happy?!

This is not EVER what I wanted to have happen. I wanted us all to have a nice (and god forbid LOVING) relationship with one another. You were assholes from day 1 and let me know from the start that you'd never accept me. Over time your continued reminders of how little you think of me, our children, and my husband has broken that part of him that would have actually looked forward to visits and phone calls.

We'll continue to have visits and phone calls but no one's heart is in it anymore. There is nothing there, the lights are not on and no one is home. It is completely obligatory and out of duty and respect.

We don't even care what the reasons are any more. There's zero feeling whatsoever, just a hollow and empty space where we used to give a fuck.

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