I Hate My Inlaws!

You’re sad

Posted on Fri, May. 26, 2023 at 03:01 am

You’re sad excuses for human beings. You know what happened to my family and how they died and when new family members get sick you can’t even mention it or express condolences. It truly shows your hate. I was right in my feelings toward you when dad first got sick and then died. You knew and didn’t give a shit. You ignored his suffering and what I was going through. Now that mom is dealing with the same issue you have no words. My aunt just died and you have no words. Not even an “sorry to hear of your loss”. Shows slot. Shows especially how sad your lives are. You all are ruthless cold hearted and mean spirited. Bullies. And the best part is when we moved you made a litanany of excuses as to not come to our house which we welcomed you wholeheartedly. You’re sad pieces of shit in my eyes. And you wonder why you now have no relationship with your son. He sees who you all are now and refuses to take part in your behavior. You also have no relationship with your grandchildren. You ignore them unless we ask you to babysit. You refuse to be friendly with me and flat out told your son you will never be close with me. Well good thanks for saying the truth so now I can stop wasting my time in trying to do nice things for you all. We won’t be attending any of your important celebrations or holidays. We won’t cry for people who have no souls or hearts for that matter. We are content in our own bubble of people who support us cherish us and root for us. Your blood runs black and it’s sad. Life is too short. But you would rather waste precious time with nonsense. It’s all good you’re not hurting me. Like I’ve said in the past you’re hurting your son and grandkids which are your blood and it’s sad. It’s of no avail though because you’re all cut from the same cloth, one I’m not made of and I’m thankful to god for it. Before you ever talk to me again you will have to answer for your actions. And if you don’t then food riddance! I don’t need mean evil souls in my life. You say you tried. The lie detector determined that that was a lie (Maury povich voice). Oh well, I hope you can at least make amends with your son before you both die. He has openly told me he hates you both. I’ve told him to get the gate out of his heart but in the end of the day he’s not wrong. You have been so horrible to him over his choices to live a beautiful life with me. You have disrespected and undermined our relationship time and time again. I have the examples to prove, not because I harbor hate but rather because if I don’t provide the evidence of your ways you will deny and gaslight. Enjoy your life and best wishes to you all. When I say best wishes I mean, go fuck yourself. Peace out!!!

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