I Hate My Inlaws!

BIL's Brief Foray Back On FB

Posted on Mon, Sep. 11, 2023 at 08:05 am

While hubby was on FB the other day, BIL popped up under "people you may know". He ignored it and scrolled on, checking out more interesting things in his feed. A while later out of curiosity he clicked on the image and strangely there was no profile to be found!

I'm guessing after creating his account BIL quickly changed his name and pic and then blocked hubby. Why go to all that trouble? I'm curious if Wonderboy has posted any photos of his floozy, since everything about this woman seems to be rather hush-hush within the family. Are there things y'all are ashamed of, perchance? Anyone who would hitch her mobile home to his "rising star" must be pretty desperate (and likely incredibly dim).

Good luck with all of that!

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