I Hate My Inlaws!

I married into this!

Posted on Mon, Feb. 26, 2007 at 05:30 pm

The problem started when we decided to get married. She didnt put any money into it but wanted to make all the decisions. She wanted to have the reception close to her home, so she could drink and walk home, but it was too far for everyone else (shes 40k from town) so we decided on a venue. She called a week later, abusing me, telling me that she wasnt going to come, because it wasnt where she wanted it. I told her that I was sorry she was going to miss ehr sons wedding over petty mind games, and said goodbye. We got her acceptance letter a few days after. It happened again a week later, she didnt want to come, i told her it was her decision, but that i was finalising the numbers that night so i needed to know, and she decided that she would come. 3 days later, she called my mother complained about me for ages, but my mother had none of it. she said that we were calling her every day to ask for money (we never once asked her for money) I tried to get her involved with jobs for her but she wouldnt do them, coz it wasnt what she wanted for our wedding. We got married at 9.00 am, she was already drunk. She spent the reception telling my parents that I was a little b*tch until my mum had a bit of a go. She then told everyone she paid for the wedding, and that we told ehr she wasnt welcome, we got a dryer from a guest and she told everyone that was her pressie. After that we didnt really want to talk to her, and about a month after the wedding we got another drunk phone call. She only does that when she is sure my husband is working late, or out, but this night he was home. She started carrying on at me, so i just handed him the phone. He listened then told her never to speak to me like that again, and hung up. She called back saying that I was brainwashing him, so he hung up again. She called back for the last time, and told him he was out of the will. She then got her other son to call and say it was all my fault and taht she was trying to kill herself coz i was telling lies about her... my husband was listening so i dont know how! A few weeks later we saw her in town and she was lovely again. I am now pregnant, and she tried to tell my husband it wasnt his, she said she wants nothing to do with the child (yay!) but then said she demands that she have him from friday night till monday morning. We told her to get stuffed

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