I Hate My Inlaws!

What Was She Thinking?

Posted on Tue, Oct. 30, 2007 at 06:15 pm

My MIL brags about her intellect. She was Phi Beta Kappa and she has a PhD. But when it comes to common sense and awareness of the safety of the children in her care, she's woefully dense.
She pretty much left my DH and his brothers to raise themselves. Yes, there were nannies and private schools, but she ignored many of the basics of her children's well-being. It took years for me to convince my DH that teeth should be brushed at least twice a day. My lazy MIL had told her kids that brushing destroys tooth enamel. She just didn't want to be bothered supervising their personal hygiene.
I have tons of other examples of her neglect, including the fact that my husband has a slight malformation of his feet that make it difficult for him to run very fast. The problem could have easily been corrected with simple surgery when he was young, but MIL was too busy to take care of it.
I can't understand how anyone could ignore her children the way she did.
When my DS came along, she made a big show of being a doting grandma, but that's all it was--a show. She told me at my baby shower not to expect her to babysit like "these other women." By that she meant my friends' mothers who weren't as wealthy as my MIL and didn't have her high-paying career, but they were good mothers who truly loved their children and grandchildren. Her scorn for people she considers beneath her is one of her many unpleasant characteristics.
As for her poor judgement, a couple of years ago, she and my DS were going somewhere with one of her friends. The friend was driving and had clearly had too much to drink.
"She was all over the road and she kept hitting the curb," is how my son described it.
Instead of asking for the keys, my MIL, who was sitting in the back seat, changed places with my son. That way, she bragged later, if there was an accident, she and not my DS would be sitting in the front passenger seat.
Is this woman too stupid to live? She let a drunk drive my son around because she didn't want to "cause a scene."
She's boastful, arrogant, self-centered and STUPID.

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