I Hate My Inlaws!

I know I am being petty but....

Posted on Mon, Oct. 20, 2008 at 05:54 pm

I know I am being petty but when you choose things for our dd could you possibly think of what she would like and not necessarily what you would like her to like? She doesn't care for princess/barbie and I have tried to tell you all that... I feel like you're wasting your money because she isn't going to play with it. I know you think it's just that I don't want her to be girlie (which is true) But I let her pick, you know make her own choices which (brace yourselves) I respect. She likes trains, cars, and horses. I know that you are Disney/Priness people (even her Dad) but guess who's doing 98% of the raising - me. I don't like the msg the princess stuff sends girls about needing a man to "save" her. I know you don't believe that (just like you didn't think Bratz stuff encouraged your 9 yr old to dress in belly shirts). Regardless of what you think, these are my choices as her mother.

Also the photo montage SIL made of her family for a toddlers gift is... interesting. I just want to know its purpose. Literally 12 pictures of your family... I sent a picture for your sons bday of our dd & him together. Not of 10 me & DH with our DD or just our dd. Come up with your own ideas that make sense. In the mean time, I'd love nothing more than to send a thank you note to just BIL (like you did when we sent your kid a gift) but then I'd be stooping to your petty games.

I know I am not a member of your faaaamily - and with how you all act I am SO glad that I'm not!! But get this - If I am not, neither is my daughter. Grow up and face reality. You don't have the close relationship with you want to fake for others. I no longer care to try to put on a show that we care about you. You don't know our daughter and have never tried. Just come out at the "expected" times of year to make the show. No more.

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